Naples shore excursion - Pompeii & The Amalfi Coast in a day!

Under the Tuscan Sun
  • Type tour


  • Duration

    10 hours from 07:30 AM

  • Meeting point

    See guide w/sign bearing a sign with your name, just on the other side of the tunnel after you've exited your ship

What You'll do in this tour

The Shore Excursion to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast combines an archeological area full of history with the beautiful landscape of the coast all in one day. The tours are led by expert English speaking drivers and local walking guides who will help to create a personalised experience while taking into account your specific interests. These incredible services enable you to tour the city with a native Italian guide showing you the real face of the coastal region you are visiting. The tours are available in English or Italian, and are delivered with an insight and style that keeps our tours entertaining, fun, and informative.


Tour Description:

Naples, the city of Pizza and Tarantella! Your driver will be waiting for you, bearing a sign with your name, just on the other side of the tunnel after you've exited your ship.  If you would like to see as much of the coastal area as possible, we can organise a visit to Sorrento as the first stop before exploring the real Amalfi coast. We will be sure to stop for photos in places such as Seiano or Vico Equense as we head towards Positano, the village that was made famous by the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun”.  Once we reach Positano, the pearl of the Tirrenean sea, you will see how this amazing village is built right into the cliffs, that meet up with the deep blue sea.  Originally it was a fishermans’ town reachable just by a small road on the cliffs or by sea.  There will be some photo stops to capture the breathtaking sceneries, spectacular balconies and their overhanging cliffs as this part of Italy is awe inspiring. 

Sunshine, lemons, fresh fish, beautiful linens, clear blue seas and limoncello, are the first things that come to mind when describing this part of the country. The structure of Positano is very original; it`s buildings cling in tiers to the rock face. The small houses, all huddling on top of each other, so characteristic of Positano, form the subject of endless photos.
The vibrant colours; the white of the buildings, forming a perfect canvas for the bright flowers which decorate the houses, and the small artisans` shops with their multi-hued cloths, present the visitor with a vista which is almost difficult to believe.  Then there is the smell of the leather used for making sandals, and the restaurants specialising in fish dishes, and the bustle of every day life...Positano and Sorrento are summer colors on an artist’s palette. 
For lunch time on this tour, tell us if you prefer to have an amazing lunch "in the clouds" at La Tagliata* for the most incredible views of all of Positano and the coast below.  Here you will taste a perfect sampling of the area`s cuisine, homemade from ingredients grown on site.  But, if you prefer to eat down by the sea request lunch at the charming Chez Black* where you can try their house specialty, “Spaghetti al Riccio”, or other fresh seafood options. An exceptional dessert, not to be missed, is “La Delizia al Limone”. 
After lunch we’ll sample some of Chez Black’s homemade “Limoncello”, possibly the best that you’ll ever taste in your life.  Time allowing, you can take in a little shopping in the village, walk down streets where cars are not allowed or take a stroll on the beach with its fantastic views of Positano’s cliffs and terraces. This is where the Mediterranean comes into it’s full glory offering color, warmth and “joie de vivre”. After lunch we will continue on to Pompeii for 2 hour private walking tour of with a local walking guide at your side to see the effects of the Vesuvio's wrath on the region below.   At the end of the day, we will head back to your ship arriving at about 5:00pm and you will take with you many wonderful memories of your day in this amazing part of Italy.  
Pompeii 2 hour walking tour - Either in the AM before lunch or in the PM after lunch depending on coastal traffic

Pompeii used to be a resort town in the South of Naples, located on the western coast of Italy. Many wealthy Romans had "country homes" there. At it`s largest, Pompeii had a population of approximately 20,000 people.

On a fateful summer`s day in 79 AD, Mt Vesuvius erupted, spewing volcanic ash and lapilli (a small, lightweight pebbly material) over the village of Pompeii. Most of the locals fled the eruption but an estimated 2000 people did not and died from toxic gasses or were buried in the eruption along with the city. Lasting for almost a full day, Pompeii was buried under some 25 feet of volcanic material and this fascinating city was petrified and was condemned to remain as such.

While Pompeii remained in the local`s memories, as time passed it`s location was lost. Rediscovered in the 1700`s, excavation was started, but not until the mid 1800`s was there any meticulous recording of the discoveries.  Amazingly preserved by the lapilli and ash, much information from Pompeii has been regained.  Almost 2,000 years later, you have the opportunity to explore the preserved ruins of this famous disaster as you walk over ruts and paths hewn in the stone by thousands of feet and wagons from times gone by.


Additional Information To Note:

  • It's very important that you exit at 7:30am to be able to avoid heavy traffic in port and on the coast.
  • This tour starts and ends at the port of Naples. If you will be arriving into a different port on the coast (Salerno or Sorrento), be sure to let us know because we will need to arrange your day appropriately.  Additional hours may be added at an hourly rate in this case especially in the case of the Salerno. 
  • Be sure to let us know if you prefer to include Sorrento or if you prefer extra time in Positano. It is only included if requested. 
  • The order of this day, may be reversed based on traffic or guide availability and will be decided by the driver & walking guide on the day of the tour.
  • Please note that on weekends from May to October because of the increased traffic in the area, we may decide to have an earlier start to your tour and will notify you if so.
  • Pompeii is open year round.
  • You can also exchange Herculaneum for Pompeii if you'd like. Please let us know if you are interested in doing that so that we can arrange your day appropriately.
  • *Any mention of restaurants or dishes are pure suggestions and not included in the tour cost. Our driver will be happy to give you suggestions to suit your tastes and budget.
  • Headsets if required based on party size, admissions, lunches and gratuities are not included in the price of the tour.


Pompeii Admission Information:

  • Reserved tickets are not available but are to be paid upon entry.
  • You will skip the general admission lines with our walking guide.
  • Pompeii Admission Prices: New seasonal pricing applies
    • 15.00 Euros per adult & Free for kids aged 17 & under November through April
    • 15.00 Euros per adult & Free for kids aged 17 & under May through October
  • The cost of admissions is not included in the cost of the tour.   


Type and Length of Tour:  9 Hour Tour with a private van, driver, and walking guide in Pompeii

Traveling time from the Port of Naples to Positano (Sorrento):  

  • Approximately 75 minutes (60 minutes) depending on traffic and day of the week.

Traveling time from Pompeii to the Port of Naples:  

  • Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on traffic and day of the week.

Departure time from the port: 8:00am

Return to the port: Arrive to your ship around 5:00pm


*The order of this tour will be decided by the driver guide and may be reversed depending on the date of your tour.


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