The Best Nightlife in Rome


A city doesn’t stick around long enough to be called the “Eternal City” without unlocking a few secrets. From the days of the ancients, Romans have always known how to have fun. Whether you’re looking for wine or cocktails; whether you’re looking for something lively or place to relax, you can find it in Rome. Look no further than these key nightlife locations in Rome for a place to make memories to last as the city itself.


Where to Have Aperitivo in Rome

Head to one of these three aperitivo bars in Rome to delight on exceptional cocktails and yummy food. 


Il Marchese 

Via di Ripetta, 162

Named after the 1981 Italian comedy, Il Marchese del Grillo, about the life of a 19th Century Roman nobleman, you will truly feel like royalty in the dignified and cosmopolitan Il Marchese. Sample meticulously crafted cocktails emphasizing amaro in Europe’s first amaro bar. With over 300 different brands of the digestif and a list of 30 which change monthly, Il Marchese will open doors for your perception of mixed drinks. It is an essential location for aperitivo. Choose from three menus to accompany your hand crafted cocktails: romano with a carbonara tasting and a supplì; vegetariano with fiori di zucca and pinzimonio; tagliere with your choice of cured meats, cheese or cured meats and cheese.


Hotel Locarno 

Via della Penna, 22

Relax and take a journey back in time at the bar in Rome’s Hotel Locarno. Opened in 1925, the hotel still has a feeling of sophistication one might associate with the era, and the bar, opened in the 1960s, has the same. The hotel has always hosted a wide variety of clientele, from world travellers, to artists, writers, and actors, so you will find an interesting and sophisticated atmosphere even among your fellow patrons. Sitting among antique decor, enjoy a delicious cocktail sitting by the fireplace in the lounge or out in the courtyard — even in the winter, thanks to an outdoor heating system. 



Via Madonna dei Monti, 28

Get a further sampling of Italian culture at Fafiuchè, not far from the Colosseum and Piazza Venezia, where the regions of Puglia and Piedmont take center stage. Sample a vast variety of chutneys, chocolates, olive oils, meats, and cheeses, and have a cocktail, or choose from over 600 wines or 60 varieties of beer. For aperitivo, you can have a glass of wine and a plate from the buffet for just 8 euro. In this genuine, intimate space you can also enjoy a delicious meal not far from the hustle and bustle of Rome’s greatest attractions.


Best Bars for After Dinner Drinks

Searching for a place to sip on perfectly crafted drinks? We’ve got you covered with three great bars in Rome


The Gin Corner 

Via di Pallacorda, 2 

You’ve already taken your dive into a vast selection of amari at Il Marchese, why not stop at Italy’s first gin lounge? Located in the Hotel Adriano, The Gin Corner goes steps beyond the traditional hotel bar.  Here, you can sample hundreds of varieties of gin any night of the week, with the excellent service of Angelo de Valeri — a veteran bartender with over 40 years of experience. Whether you consider yourself an aficionado or just a beginner in the world of gin, you can trust The Gin Corner with your gin-tasting experience.



Via della Fontanella Borghese, 48 – Palazzo Fendi 

If you’re looking for something fresh and seriously fancy, take the elevator up to the fifth floor of the Palazzo Fendi (yes, that Fendi) and spend an evening at Zuma. The high class Japanese restaurant has a roof terrace with a gorgeous view of the magnificent Piazza di Spagna and Vatican City. Check out Zuma’s signature and seasonal cocktail list, or take your pick from over 40 varieties of sake. Either way, you’re in excellent hands if you choose to spend your evening gazing out over Rome in Zuma’s rooftop lounge.


Drink Kong

Piazza San Martino ai Monti, 8

To visit Drink Kong is to get to know Patrick Pistolesi, one of Rome’s foremosts mixologists, who helped launch The Gin Corner. More than a bar or lounge, Drink Kong is an international, timeless location. Its retrofuturist design will make you feel like you’re in a comic but, but despite its cutting edge look, you won’t feel out of place. Drink Kong is down to earth and worldly, with food and drinks inspired Irish, Italian, and Japanese culture. Pistolesi, of Irish and Italian heritage, spent some years of his youth in Japan. In the spirit of fun, the bar also features arcade games to play while waiting in line for the bathroom and live music twice a week. 


Where to Go Dancing in Rome

No trip to Rome is complete until you hit the dancefloor! And lucky for you, Rome’s nightclubs are great to party till the wee hours. 


La Conventicola degli Ultramoderni

Via di Porta Labicana, 32

Truly one of Rome’s most unique spots, La Conventicola is almost like stepping into a scene from a David Lynch film. Hosted by the mysterious mustachioed Mirkaccio, the burlesque club features a unique lineup of performers every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. You will find yourself whisked away by Rome’s finest underground performers until the wee small hours of the morning. Their cocktails are just as unique as the performers and you can sip on your concoction while watching an illusionist, cabaret performer, burlesque dancer, or circus performer, and have your inner spirit lifted through the transformative power of art.


Jackie O'

Via Boncompagni, 11

La Dolce Vita is a name synonymous with Italian cinema, particularly that of the mid 20th century. It conjures of course, the name of Federico Fellini, but also his contemporaries: Visontini, Passolini, Antonioni… Though this may seem like a bygone era, you can one again experience La Dolce Vita at Jack O’. Since it opened in 1972, Jackie O’ was the “it” spot for celebrities like Liza Minelli, Liz Taylor, and Gérard Depardieu. Like its namesake, Jackie O’ is timeless and cosmopolitan. Here, you can find yourself at the piano bar singing and dancing along to classic songs you love. Of course, you can also sit in the lavish dining room, surrounded by pictures of celebrities, enjoying high-class meals tailor made for you by chefs Federico Sparaco and Stiven Toro.



Via delle Botteghe Oscure, 33

Fun, but relaxed; smooth, but lively, Sheket can be the spot you want to be any night of the week. Named for the Hebrew word for silence, Sheket feels relaxed, but not too relaxed. The place has it all: a two bars, two dance floors, a stage for live music, and even a dining room for those who are just looking to eat dinner. Whenever you happen to wander in, you can find different scenes going on. Wednesdays feature Roman DJs, Thursdays are international DJs, Fridays feature live music, and Saturdays are hip hop nights. So no matter what dance you are trying to do, no matter what drink you are trying to drink, or what night you are trying to have, you can find it at Sheket. 

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