Transfer Venice to Florence

At your destination always on time!
  • Type tour


  • Duration

    3 hours from 09:30 AM

  • Meeting point

    Piazzale Roma

What You'll do in this tour

Take advantage of our “Door to Door” services when needing to be transfered from one city to another. This will be a one way, direct transfer from one accomodation to another and is for those wishing to have a private transfer instead of taking the train or other means of transport to your destination.

This enables you to be picked up from your meeting point at the time you wish during the morning or early afternoon and travel in a comfortable late model Mercedes van seemlessly without worring about luggage or train tickets.  You will also have the assistance of our driver whom will drop you off at your next accomodation.

This service is designed to be done direct, meaning without non essential stops. If you don`t see the cities you need to transfer between, just let us know and we can tailor a transfer that suites your needs. The driver will speak some basic English on this type of a service.  If you want a driver guide who can provide you more infomation during the drive then we consider that you check our transfers with daytrip options.  

In Venice, Piazzale Roma is the closest point that we can reach by car.  To get to this point, you can find a public water taxi or if you have a private transfer already arranged, he can help you to locate our driver at the Piazza.  If you need a private water taxi transfer arranged, please let us know so that we an arrange that as a separate service at the appropriate time. 


We will need to know your traveling cell phone number, hotel address and phone number, as well as how many are in your party and if you will have excessive amounts of luggage.  This will help us accurately quote your service and send the correct size vehicle. 

*If you are binging more than one medium to large bag and one small carry on per person please notify us so that we can assess what size of vehicle we will need to send you and this may affect the pricing. 

Our driver will be waiting for you at the assigned meeting point with a sign that bears your name at the time that you scheduled. 

All our vehicles are:

  • Non smoking vehicles
  • Air-conditioned
  • Professional driver guide
  • Late models Mercedes or Opel Vans

Important to Note:

  • If you need to be picked up from an airport for your transfer please let us know as we will need to add an airport pickup to your service. We will ask that you provide us the airport name, your flight number and arrival time. 
  • For an airport drop off at destination, please provide your airport of departure, your flight departure airline and number, departure time as well as the terminal number if you have it.
  • If you need to be picked up from a train station for your transfer please let us know that as we will need to add a train station pickup to your service. We will ask that you provide us the station name, your train number and arrival time.
  • For a train station drop off at destination, please provide your station and time of departure
  • The length of this service varies depending on the locations you are traveling to and from, the size of your group and the amount of luggage space required.
  • The option to create a day trip is also available. In that case we will need to arrange your service as a Transfer with a Day Trip, so be sure to inform us if you prefer a stop along the way. 
  • We can usually accommodate 6-7 passengers in one van comfortably.  Between some cities we may be able to accommodate 8 passengers with a bit more advance notice but only if traveling with small amounts of luggage. 
  • For pickups taking place prior to 5:00 AM or for transfers that take do not commence until mid to late afternoon a surcharge will apply. Please ask our office for more information on that.
  • If you do not already have a private water taxi arranged for you from Venice to your meeting point of Piazzale Roma, you can either opt for a public water taxi or we can also arrange a private water taxi that will take you to your meeting point.  The water taxi may or may not be able to pick you up diretly from your hotel depending how close it is to the nearest pier. This of course depends on your exact hotel location. 

*You have an obligation to notify us directly by phone if you have changes to your plans or if you need assistance locating your driver.  Please do not leave if you do not immediately see your driver as parking in the center is not always possible and they may need to park the car and then walk to your designated meeting point. The driver waiting for you will likely have other client services in the same day to tend to but we are happy to have them wait longer if we are informed in advance and have time to rearrange these other services for the driver. 

In the event that we have to release a driver for another service when no further communication has been made regarding changes to plans please consider that the service is still chargeable. Charges also apply if you, for any reason, decide to take another transfer service instead of the one previously arranged by us. Therefore, keeping us informed of any changes is of utmost importance. 

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